Ma 25 September 2017, 14:16

File #365
Top view: Power Management Unit, Backup battery, RF link, GPS, Dual USB

File #364
ON/OFF switch, Sensors, micro SD Card, STM32F4 32 bit Microcontroller

File #369
Closeup on RF link PCB: CC2500 transceiver, CC2591 2.4GHz PA, SMA connector
File #367
Quad mini led strip, front view. 5 closely spaced RGB leds with a TLC59116 constant current driver on the back.

File #366
Quad mini led strip with a TLC59116 driver and a PCA9544A 4 channel I≤C Multiplexer on the middle PCB

File #368
RGB led strip: 5x RGB leds, 2cm spacing, TLC59116 16 channel constant current Led driver
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